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  • Continental Divide
  • Salvaging Lumber

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We are involved with a variety of college age folks, from traditional students at Washburn, to KU and KSU, to non traditional students, and those who have chosen to bypass college life and are in the workforce. It is our sincere desire to influence those who come our way at whatever level of spiritual interest they are at. There are certain distinctives that we hope you will immediately see. The first is that we are REAL, no pretense of our spirituality here. We are guided by the teaching that we are all fallen creatures and that each of us has specific areas that God wants us to give attention to. We're all in the same boat - we need to, and are attempting to, put on more of Jesus. Secondly, we strive to be RELEVANT - current events are important and cultural occurrences are addressed in the context of the world we live in, and hope to influence every day. We want to show how the Bible adequately addresses our culture. So you'll get Bible teaching as well as perspectives on the world at large. Lastly we want to be RELATIONAL, so, yes we want to get to know you, and you, us. We do that through extended fellowship times, and get-togethers. Also, we offer small groups through our ministry to improve the relational side of things - Yes, we believe in community, for support and growth.