Family Prayer Reminders

This prayer list is updated every Friday. 

Deanne Dinkel & family - loss of father

Vicki Nightingale - loss of brother

Joel Davidson - heart surgery recovery

Steve McGinnis - health issues

Violet Moore - surgery recovery

Virgil Graham - heart attack recovery

Tom Mapes - cancer issues

Brenda Kelley - cancer issues

Vicci Livgren - cancer treatment options

Doug Masterson - cancer treatment options

Ed Peck - cancer issues 

Rachel Landavazo - cancer treatment

Staci Luellen - health issues

Mary Jo Chase - hospice care

Aleck Boyd - surgery recovery

Roy Meadors - cancer return/treatment

Jan Medley, Nicholas Sargent - surgery recovery

Caroline Clark - heart issues 

Susan Anderson, Mckensie Bevens, Jared Broyles, Ron Brunsvold, Josh Conner, Susie Down, Kaden Duvall, Kevin Givens, Cindy Gonzales, Emelia Hedstrom, Donnie High, Marge Krivjansky, Rhetta Lira, Joani Mahner, Paul Mason, Margie Medlen, Luanna Merritt, Patricia Miller,  Patty Osborn, JoAn Rauckman, Priscilla Roberts, Sean Thornton, Ellen Tichenor, Dan White, Joan Wiksten, Gene Wolfe - health issues

Susan Barker - brain tumor - good report

Daren Nigus - frontotemporal degeneration 

Mark Arnold, Janda Campbell, Rene’ Campbell, Mary Goheen, Amy Hedstrom, Marla Marlow, Ryan Ramshaw, Jack Sossoman - cancer issues 

Ben Higgins, Uriah Limon, Rachel Ottman, Jackie Piel, Connie Widman, - MS mgmt

TBCers out of work - God’s provision & timing

Taylor Childers, Tim Drexler - safety for military in combat zone