What do our missionaries do?

Accounting - Administration - Agriculture - Arts - Aviation
Church Planting - Counseling - Computers - Evangelism
Discipleship - Literature - Medical - Personnel - Prayer - Radio
Secretarial - Students - Teaching - Translation


Where are they?

Brazil, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Spain, Turkey and the U.S.

How Can I Help?

You can be a global missionary team member at TBC. You can have a part in changing people's lives around the world by working alongside our missionaries through:

  • Prayer
  • Giving
  • Encouragement teams
  • Co-laborers monthly meetings

When you play on the team, it is counted to "your account" as Paul told the Phillippians (4:17), when they communicated with him and sent along a gift. Get acquainted with one or two of our missionaries and have a part in taking the news of Christ around the world. We welcome your participation.

Contact the TBC Office at 785.234.5545 for more information or to join any of the above activities.