Discovering God's Word

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Discovering God's Word


Join us for this exciting, NEW study format!

  • One book of the Bible

  • One month to read it

  • One meet-up to discuss

Join us for a FREE, simple study that dives directly into Scripture. Each month we will read one book of the Bible. Via email, you will receive tools to help you get the most out of your study as you read the book on your own. Then we’ll meet up on a Saturday morning to discuss what we’ve learned and how it is helping us grow in our walk with the Lord!

Meet-up Dates and Facilitators:
(locations to be announced later):
Ephesians - facilitated by Marcy Vander Hart, meeting on Sat 9/28
Philippians - facilitated by MaryAnna Curry, meeting on Sat 10/26
Colossians - facilitated by Jennifer Hastert, meeting on Sat 11/23

Which studies?:
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