Family Canoe Trip - MEAL PLANS

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Family Canoe Trip - MEAL PLANS

from 24.00

Adult meals are $6 per meal for age 11 and older; child meals are $4 per meal for 10 and under.

You will be served the evening meal on the day you arrive and all meals through lunch on Monday. For example, if you arrive Friday, you will receive 9 meals (dinner Friday through lunch Monday).

To select the correct meal plans:

  1. Use the Meal Plan Type pull-down to select adult or child meals and the correct arrival date for your family.

  2. Use the Quantity pull-down to select how many adults (or children) you’re signing up for the meal plan

  3. Click Add to Cart. You will be asked information about food allergies, then a shopping cart will appear in the upper right of your screen.

  4. If you need to select more meal plans (for example, your children), make those selections and click Add to Cart.

  5. When you have finished with all your selections, click the shopping cart to check out.

After meal plan payment is complete, return to the Family Canoe Trip page for information on outfitter registration.

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