Q. Where can I find out more about the event - speakers, schedule, etc.?

A. There is a full website http://istilldo.com devoted to the event. Remember the live event has taken place. We will be watching a video of that.

Q. If I register online, how do I pay for the event?

A. Since we do not have online payment, you will have to get your fees to the church on a Sunday morning, during the week or by mail. Please do not put fees in the offering plate. Fees are due by NOON Monday, 11/10.

Q. What will we do for lunch?

A. A box lunch will be served. We will have the break around noon in the CAB Auditorium and lobby area.

Q. What if I have children under 5 and over 5?

A. The workers, requirements, and facilities are limited for an event such as this. Unfortunately, we can provide only a limited number of child care spots and these have already been filled. If you would like to be included on a waiting list for child care, contact Hank@DiscoverTBC.com

Q. Where will the child care area be?

A. We have a new room in the CAB child care area called the Outback. It is designed to accommodate children of a larger age range.

Q. What will my child(ren), eat for lunch?

A. We are asking parents of children 5 and under in child care, to eat lunch with their child(ren), and bring a lunch from home for them. This will give our workers a break, and allow for any shift changes.