We Love God’s Little Ones at TBC!

Because of that, we have regular dedications at TBC for parents who desire to stand before the congregation, and the Lord, sharing their desire for His involvement in their lives as they raise up their precious little one for Christ. We do these dedications on a regular basis, with some flexibility built in for families. Please email College and Family Pastor Hank Nelson or call the church office at 785.234.5545 to schedule your child’s dedication. Hank will tell you that he likes to dedicate children between their sixth and ninth month but that he has dedicated them as young as four days old, and as old as 12 years!

Regular Dates:

  • January - Human Life Sunday (third Sunday)
  • March - fourth Sunday
  • (Unless Easter/Palm Sunday conflict)
  • May - Mother’s Day
  • June - Father’s Day
  • July - fourth Sunday
  • (Unless Student Ministry Sunday)
  • September - fourth Sunday
  • November - Thanksgiving weekend Sunday

Because often there are family members traveling on specific dates not coinciding with our regular dedications, we will allow infants to be dedicated during first service on most Sundays.