God saved Jeremy from a life of addiction and showed him how to thrive as a father and a son.

Jeremy’s story includes all the ingredients of a tragedy: growing up in an abusive household, surrounded by drugs and alcohol. He finally succumbed to those temptations, and participated in the collapse of his marriage when he committed adultery. But that isn't where Jeremy's story ends. It's actually where it begins ...

“I went to my ex-wife’s parents’ church. In this messed up time of my empty life, I needed to find what was real.” Not long after, Jeremy was on an alcoholic binge when his sister intervened and implored him to stop drinking.

“I just wanted something new. I was tired of feeling empty.”

That was the last time Jeremy drank, more than eight years ago.

Jeremy started attending church and taking Bible studies and making friends with the men he met there.

“I was looking and searching for God. … Through all these trials, He became my father, because I allowed him. He became my close friend because I needed one. He became my mentor because I needed to learn. My anger was decreasing. My patience and love were just out of this world, and I was becoming one of the best fathers I knew.” Jeremy’s daughter is now a regular part of his life and you can tell when he talks about her that he is proud to be her dad.

Jeremy's journey didn’t stop there. He reached out to his own father, who had caused so much pain in his childhood, and offered forgiveness. Jeremy even helped his dad move out of a bad living situation and is now rebuilding their relationship.

Jeremy's relationship with his Heavenly Father also continues to grow. "I seek to find Him in new ways like one searches for treasure," Jeremy said. "He has shown me that I am valuable. He wants me to discover who He created me to be by asking, seeking and knocking."

Our thanks to Matt Nystrom and All Day Matinee Films for allowing us to share this video.