Best. Stories. Ever.

This video was shown at our Easter 2018 service and features TBCers Ericka, Sam and Ben. Each of these individuals overcame deep darkness and despair and are now experiencing healing through Christ.  We pray that through their willingness to share, that others will be inspired by their stories of life change and that God be glorified through it all.

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Ericka was living in darkness, broken and alone. She turned to drugs, men and the streets to fill the hole she felt in her life, but it wasn't enough. She was abused, taken for granted, and came close to losing her life. "I was empty," Ericka said. Pregnant and in danger, Ericka fell to her knees and cried out to God for help. "I swear that I could hear Him say 'I'm all that you need'," Ericka said. "Something inside of me began to change." The void was filled for the first time in her life, and she experienced hope, "and that hope came from God," she said. In her life change, Ericka has discovered that God is not a punishing hand. "His touch is so gentle," she said, "and I can literally feel Him hold me. He took my past, and my shame, and my mistakes, and he paid the price for me." Ericka went from being empty to being enough. She has reunited with her family and she, along with her beautiful child, attend TBC, where Ericka enjoys the women's Bible studies. 

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Sam was living in California, where he was immersed in a violent culture of crime. He got an adrenaline rush out of doing wrong and hurting others. Not only did he try to hide the things he did from his mother and the rest of his family, it was as if he shed that identity as he walked through the door. He had become numb to the violence. "I was becoming inhumane," Sam said. He knew about God, but he wasn't following him. He could never understand how God could show such mercy and love to sinners like Sam and send His one and only son to die on the cross for us. That feeling of longing to understand set Sam on a journey of discovery that led him to accept Christ as his savior. "He transformed my heart," Sam said. He went from being a violent man to a caring and meek man of God. Sam now attends TBC, where he is active in the Young Adults Ministry and serves on our Deacon Board. 

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Ben was raised in a Christian home in the Boston area, where he excelled in football. An injury brought his dreams of college football to an end. The sport had been his escape, but without that to rely upon, he became rebellious. "I turned to sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll," Ben said. He began a downward spiral that resulted in being unfaithful to his wife. Ben said, "My unfaithfulness hurt quite a few people, not just me. It had an impact on my wife, an impact on my family, my children." Ben ended up in jail after an accident where alcohol was involved. "Nobody could help me," he said. Even though he had turned away from God, what he learned from his upbringing was still in his mind. "I knew ... God was always there. I had no other choice but to go to God." Ben prayed, "You're going to have to break me." And he did. "God's grace allowed my wife to not only expose my sin, but to look past it and forgive me." God transformed Ben's rebellious, unfaithful heart into a faithful one, and made him a faith-filled man. Ben and his family now attend TBC.

What can transform someone like Ericka, who was empty into a thriving woman who knows she's enough? What can change a violent man into a meek and gentle man like Sam? And what can take someone like Ben, who who rebelled in nearly every way, and turn him into a faithful husband, father, and man of Christ? The answer is simple ... resurrection power. We believe that God sent His one and only son to die on the cross for us. He took the punishment for you, for every single one of us. In dying, He defeated death. Through His resurrection, he restored eternal life for all. All we have to do is accept the gift that God has given us. 

If you've become separated from God (or if you don't know him at all), reach out to a member of our pastoral staff today to learn about resurrection power.