Keith Gillespie & family - Homegoing of Mom (Arnetta Burgess)

Ron Lutz - upcoming hip replacement 7/23

Hank Nelson - upcoming cornea transplant redo 8/6 

Vickie Birch - shoulder surgery recovery

Jay Norris - heart attack recovery

Dana Singleton - surgery recovery

Lydia Helt - disease (GPA-Wegener’s) relapse treatments

Mary Woelfel - bypass surgery recovery

Rick Darling, Kim Coker - non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment

Mike Sterling, Alan Soldan - non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 

Joy Bennett - surgery recovery

Nathan Cochrane - back surgery recovery

Rachel Landavazo - knee surgery recovery

Debbie Evans - pneumonia, stroke recovery

Rae Ann Wolfe - broken leg recovery

Cindy Sossoman - health issues

Arielle Hummell (infant daughter of Jon & Jennifer) - heart surgery recovery

Jerry Jackson - heart issues

Stan Thompson - infections from past knee replacement surgeries

Daxon Murray-Brent - recovery from growth rod surgery

Chris Davis - stroke recovery

Mike Stapleton - accident recovery

Artie Coop - cancer treatment

Jason Curry - bladder cancer treatment

Diana Cole - surgery complications

Caroline Clark - long-term heart issues

Bradin Westgate - head injury recovery

Carol Griggs - stroke recovery

Daren Nigus - frontotemporal degeneration 

Rick Buttery, Gloria Johnson - injury recovery

Crystal Clark, Rick Kuebler, Tammy Mapes, Ed Peck - surgery recovery

Susan Anderson, Mckensie Bevens, Geraldine Blair, Jared Broyles, Janda Campbell, Judy Chase, Crystal Clark, Josh Conner, Susie Down, Kaden Duvall, Jackie Fink, Kevin Givens, Cindy Gonzales, Virgil Graham, Emelia Hedstrom, Gwen Holmes, Connie Kimble, Von Kopfman, Rhetta Lira, Vicci Livgren, Nancy Lutz, Joani Mahner, Paul Mason, Margie Medlen, Jan Morgan, Bill Moore, Violet Moore, JoAn Rauckman, Priscilla Roberts, Bertha Siefert, Sean Thornton, Ellen Tichenor, Olivia Tsiris, Dan White, Gene Wolfe - health issues

Mark Arnold, Steve Boyce, Rene’ Campbell, Rosie Handley, Bob Hedberg, Marla Marlow - cancer issues 

Jill Barker, Ben Higgins, Uriah Limon, Rachel Ottman, Jackie Piel, Connie Widman - MS mgmt

TBCers out of work - God’s provision & timing