Our Sunday Adult Class leaders are expecting your visit. They understand that you are "shopping" for a good fit in a Sunday morning class. Each class is ready to share its unique mix of Bible study, connecting and ministry with you when you stop by for a visit some Sunday morning.

Check out a class today! In fact, check out many Sunday Adult Classes over several weeks. We'd love for you to join us as we laugh, pray, study and grow in Christ.

PACK (People After Christ's Kingdom)

Married? Have young kids, old kids, or no kids? Do you want a group where you can study God's word, develop relationships with other families and live life together? Class size: 25. Time and location: 9:30 AM, College room 214. Leaders: Tim and Melissa Shultz. 


Friends in fellowship and growth is the motto of this friendly class. As you rub shoulders with adults of all ages, you'll laugh, pray, cry, rejoice, study God's Word, and serve together. Out-of-class activities are frequent throughout the year, as are opportunities to help one another. Class size: 40-50.
Time and location: 9:30 AM., classroom at top of stairs by the Mulvane Gym. Leader: Steve Williams.


Active retirement-aged saints keep this a hoppin’ class! Good friendships and shared experiences make it easy to apply God’s Word to life. If you want to connect with folks who are still growing in Christ and living with enthusiasm, this is the place for you. Class size: 25-30.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, Mulvane Parlor. Leader: Bob Keys.

Young Adults (college thru age 35, married or single)

This class serves as the home base for the Young Adults Ministry. We’ll present study series, as well as keep you informed about our many events and networking opportunities. Class size: 40-50.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, College Underground West End. Leader: Joe Dalfonso.


Bring your Bible and your shovel. These people love to dig into God’s Word, extracting nuggets of gold and other precious wisdom and truth. All ages attend this lively and gritty verse-by-verse trek through the Bible one book at a time. Class size: 30-40.
Time and location: 11 AM, classroom at top of stairs, off the northeast corner of the Mulvane Gym. Leader: Dennis Greening.

The Crossing (formerly known as FOFFers) 

Are you looking to "sharpen your saw" for a strong marriage? This class is committed to discovering what God has to say about a variety of issues … establishing hedges to protect your marriage, intimacy in marriage, raising your kids, making smart decisions with your money, etc. Be prepared to be transparent. Class size: 30-40.
Time and Location: 11 AM, College Room 214. Leaders: Ken and Marcy VanderHart


Now that your kids are getting older, does it feel you've lost control and are on the verge of losing your mind? What you need is a wise Counselor to lean on, a few minutes of adult conversation and quiet in your busy life, and the encouragement that comes from meeting another traveler on the bumpy road of life. A real-life class that studies the Word together and discusses how to apply it to our lives, laughs together and grows together as followers of God. Class size: 15-20.
Time and location: 11 AM, Mulvane Parlor. Leaders: Jeff and Judy Sorensen, Timm and Miranda Collins.


TBC's largest adult class is a lively and caring group of adults from all life-stages who appreciate the koinonia (fellowship) they find in Christ. Interactive biblical study and discussion encourages class members to walk with Christ all week long. Numerous options for class members to connect and serve together outside of class. Class size: 70-80.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, Mulvane Lower Auditorium.  Leaders: Doc and Phoebe Grindal.

Life in Progress

This class of mixed-age adults has a “small group” feel: friendly, warm, inviting. You’ll find old and new friends gathered around God’s Word, listening to the Lord, sharing with one another, applying Scripture to life as it goes along its way. Come join them for the journey. Class size: 20-25.
Time and location: 11 AM, classroom on west side of Mulvane Lobby. Leader: Randy Crandall.


The Seekers class gets its name because they seek the Lord with all their hearts. Composed of adults of mixed ages and generations, special focus is given to applicational Bible teaching and discussion. This is a solid place to grow in Christ and with others. Class size: 30-35.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, classroom on west side of Mulvane Lobby. Leader: Chris Mammoliti.

Single Moms (SMoms)

This class is designed to give support and a sense of community as we study topics and issues related to being a single parent. Class size: 10-12.
Time and location: 11 AM, College Fireside Room. Leader: Debi Parker.

Stepping Upward

This Bible-based course covers various topics relating to theology and the Christian life. Join us and learn how to take your next step with Christ. Class size: 20-30.
Time and location: 9:30 AM College West Conference Room. Leader: Dan Holloway.


This class is woven together by the threads of relationships. You will enjoy lively discussions on a variety of topics, fun people, coffee and life application videos as we dig deep into the Word. Class size: 20-25.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, College East Conference Room. Leader: Duane Cantrell.

Women's Bible Study

This class focuses on Biblical studies of issues of interest to all women. Class size: 15-20.
Time and location: 9:30 AM, Mulvane 2nd floor SE room of the gym. Leaders: Betty Greiner and Donna Shelite.

Special Topics (offered seasonally)

Pizza With a Pastor and Back Stage Pass

New to TBC? These popular events will help you get started as you explore whether TBC is a good fit for you. Pizza With a Pastor is a casual, hour-long lunch with a member of our pastoral staff, who will answer your questions and get to know you better. Back Stage Pass is a whirlwind of discovery. It's an insider's peek at the workings of TBC. You'll hear our Lead Pastor Jim Congdon share our mission and our roadmap to growing in the life God has for you. You'll also get the opportunity to connect with TBC leaders around the lunch table. Learn more about Pizza With a Pastor and Back Stage Pass.


This short-term class is designed to build a marriage that will go the distance by following God's blueprint. If your partnership is healthy, make it even stronger. If it's going through a valley, come and find God's path to the higher ground of marriage love.
Time and Location: watch Sunday bulletin.

The Truth Project

How do I know what is truth? Can I trust the Bible? Does evil really exist? Explore the reasons for the foundations of our faith in this thought-provoking class. Come prepared to learn!
Time and location: watch Sunday bulletin. Leader: Sheldon Hochuli.

Parenting Teens

Parents, those teen years don't have to be a period of constant white knuckled endurance. This short term class will show God's way to thrive, not just to survive during those years.
Time and location: watch Sunday bulletin.


Feel like you need a hand in getting a grip on your finances? These periodic biblical financial courses will help you practically apply financial principles from God's Word. Getting out of debt, saving, budgeting, spending and giving will be covered.
Time & location: watch Sunday bulletin.

Understanding & Answering Jehovah Witnesses

What can you say when a Jehovah Witness knocks on your door? This session explores this religion and how it compares with the Bible.
View class notes as    PowerPoint     PDF

Understanding & Answering Mormonism

Do you understand and know how to answer Mormonism? This class explores this religion and how it compares with the Bible. 
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Understanding & Answering Islam

This session explains the history, beliefs, rituals & Sharia law of the religions, along with how to most effectively share Christ with Muslims. 
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Confusing Passages - Eternal Life and Assurance

The book of James tells us “a man is justified by works and not just by faith,” yet in Ephesians we read that salvation comes from faith, “not from works, so that no one can boast.” How can both be true? This class addresses passages from Scripture that appear to be in conflict with one another. 
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