About Worship

Everyone worships something or someone. Worship is simply "giving worth" to something (money, relationships, time). When it comes to worship at TBC, our attempt is to give more worth to God than anything else. We use a variety of arts to create an environment for worshipers to discover and connect with God each weekend. We greatly value authenticity and relevancy. Musical integrity and theological responsibility are a high priority as well.

Music in Worship

We use a variety of methods to worship God, but the most visible one is our music groups. We have a variety of groups - from Worship Bands, Vocal Team (modern worship choir), and String Sections - to Horn Sections, an Orchestra, and more. If you'd like to serve in the worship community with music or other area, please contact Jeremiah Devine, Pastor of Worship Arts.

Technical Arts

No matter how clear the message being communicated, it will be lost unless the technical aspects of the program are excellent. Those gifted to serve in a technical capacity are an important part of the Worship Team. If you have experience in audio, video, and are being called to serve the church in these areas, please contact Sam Reid, Director of Technical Arts, if you'd like more information on how to become involved. We'd love to serve alongside you!

Areas that you can serve are:

  • Video/Camera Operators
  • Audio Mixing
  • Lighting Design
  • Lyrics and Graphics
Technical Arts